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Matthew O’Connell has been deeply involved with Buddhism, neo-Shamanism and western Spirituality for over 25 years, and is currently exploring a critical, creative approach to all of these in his writing and coaching work. He also teaches language, critical thinking, and writing skills in Trieste, Italy by day. By night, Matthew takes a radical approach to theory and practice in his coaching business, which specialises in rethinking spirituality, personal development, and change work for long-term practitioners and newbie sceptics. He is the founder and host of the Imperfect Buddha Podcast and the Post-Traditional Buddhism website: two media sites that are seeking to address the anti-intellectual strain in western spirituality, whilst exploring creative possibilities in rethinking beliefs, practices and identities. Matthew’s work builds on post-traditional and non- tools for reimagining the spiritual path, and the practitioner as they face the twin challenges of immanence and transcendence, and our collective ideas and ideals of what we are, what we should be, what our practices entail, and to what end. Imperfect Buddha Podcast: Post-Traditional Buddhism: O’Connell Coaching: